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Great Lakes ready.

For the first time, you can surf the Great Lakes with cutting edge technology from Radinn.  Advanced Li-ion batteries and compact propulsion tech can handle smooth water or chop.

Make your own waves.

The Radinn product line is truly both radical and innovative. It’s a fully modular and connected system with three main components: board, jetpack, and battery.  No need to wait for perfect conditions when you can make your own waves.

Clean Energy.

Electric, green, clean technology powers Radinn jetboards and protects the Great Lakes region.  Electric propulsion can silently move across the water and provide a thrilling, new surfing experience.

The Radinn Advantage


No trips to the gas station or smelly fumes to worry about. Enjoy zero emissions and protected waterways.

Long Range

Industry leading Li-ion battery technology gives you a longer ride time and lets you go further.


Powerful Jetpack provides plenty of speed and acceleration.


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Whisper Quiet

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The Radinn application monitors ride stats, adds functionality, and improves the user experience.

No Maintenance

Rinse off with fresh water and you are ready to Jetboard. All repairs and updates are handled remotely.


Use your existing jetpack in second board shape with Radinn's easily swapped modules.

Key Benefits

These are some key benefits from our perspective at Big Lake Surf Co.  Continue reading below for more on the different components that make up the Radinn Electric Jetboards.

Rethink Powersports

Electric power is clean and convenient.  Finally there is a affordable, high-powered, compact competitor to toys with petrol propulsion.  

Lightweight & Portable

Radinn Electric Jetboards are the most portable toy on the Powersports market.  The largest board configuration weighs 85 lbs and is 6’4” long.  Perfect for a backseat with the seat down or a tailgate.

Easy to Learn Options

The Radinn Explorer series has a full impact deck-pad, built in side bumpers, and is 2’7” wide.  A perfect package for learners!  Ask about our lessons and demo sessions.  

These are

the boards

Radinn Electric Jetboard styles are separated into three Collections.  Each tailored to suit specific ride preferences. Choose between the Explore, Freeride and Carve Collections.

Check out the video linked below for more info on the strengths and personalities of each!

This is

the jet

Radinn’s G3 Jet is an extremely powerful, reliable, and compact propulsion system. You can configure the output via the Radinn app and do OTA performance upgrades.  

Check out the review from E-SURFER to learn more about the Radinn Jet options.

This is

the battery

Radinn offers the most advanced water sports battery on todays motorized surfing market. This battery delivers enough ride time to wear out most seasoned riders in a single charge. The range varies from 35-55 minutes depending on the package purchased, riding conditions, and rider weight. 

Check out the link below for a live demo of the Radinn battery assembly and it’s capacity.

FAQ - All You Need To Know

Electric jetboarding does require some talent and coordination.  It’s like a stand-up jet ski in that you must give the board a consistent amount of throttle to stabilize the board in motion.  Our team of surfing experts is available for lessons upon request.  With boards from the explorer collection, we have never been unsuccessful in getting one of our customers up and surfing the first time out.

Big Lake Surf Co has “surf experts” that are happy to show customers how to setup and use the boards upon delivery.  There are also multiple online resources available for reference.  We’ve never had a customer that was unsuccessful getting up after the first lesson with one of our experts.

Customers should contact for technical assistance. Big Lake Surf Co is happy to help throughout process

The boards are being shipped from the Big Lake Electric Surf Co warehouse in Milford, MI.  We are the first licensed retailer of Radinn electric jetboards with inventory stored locally in the United States.

Yes, the Radinn application allows post initial sale, in app purchases for upgrades. You can also contact Big Lake Surf Co to learn more about upgrades.

Yes, you can. After you finish a ride, don’t forget to rinse the entire board with fresh water to ensure that all salt is removed.  The Radinn jetpacks have an intake grate and impeller similar to a jetski.  It’s best to not allow a pile up of salt in the propulsion system.  Be careful to not get the connector on the jetpack wet while cleaning your board.

It depends on the model. The Explore Collection boards weighs about 59lbs. It’s a bit heavier due to the high density plastic skid plate and the bumpers.  The Freeride Collection boards weigh around 50lbs and while the Carve Collection is only 44lbs.

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