We are proud to introduce our new company, Big Lake Electric Surf Co.  We are a company born of lake days, surfing, and quarantine.  We are here to share our newly discovered favorite sport, addiction, and quarantine pass time with you.  A sport that we will all come to know as –

Electric Jetboarding

It was around April of 2020 when we stumbled upon a cool new sport.  From the very first time we stepped onboard an Electric Jetboard, we knew this would be the future.  The future of action watersports, the future of powersports, and the epitome of lake days around the Great Lakes Region.  Continue reading to learn how and why a couple of pals decided to start Big Lake Electric Surf Co.

This is the the future.

Every. single. time. we went out for a rip, we were met with a ton of interest and intrigue from boaters and onlookers.  This attention and obsession started with the Electric Jetboard’s maiden voyage on Higgins Lake and continued throughout 2020 wherever we went jetboarding.  We saw a real opportunity to be a driving force in the Great Lakes Region, aiding in the introduction and transition into a bright, new future of electric powersports.

This future has been told by many.  Publications from Forbes and Business Insider, to Boating International have predicted this next wave of consumer products.  Social media has exploded with content that has been met with millions of views and interactions.  Personal and business pages going completely viral.  Many trusted market trend reports are now estimating that Electric Jetboards are expected to supersede jetski sales over the next few years.  Someone had to step up make it their mission to usher in this new wave in electric action watersports locally. 

So why is the time right for Electric Jetboarding?

Electric Jetboards offer top-notch maneuverability with environmental benefits.  The electric motor on the boards are emission-free.  Modern interconnectivity technology makes a bluetooth throttle, phone applications, and compact propulsion possible.  The companies producing Electric Jetboards quite literally put a jet engine beneath your feet.  Advances in battery and compact propulsion technology are definitely enablers.  As an example, some of these Jetboards are capable of 40mph for up to an hour on a single charge.  Improved battery production technique has resulted in the price drop for battery packs.  This is moving electric products into a reasonable price range for more and more US consumers.  There is much work to do in order to make this tech affordable for the vast majority of Americans, but the problem is being tackled by some of the most brilliant minds among us.

This problem won’t be around forever.  Consumer market trends are continuing towards cutting carbon emissions and fueling the movement to Electrify Everything.  We think the next electric product adopted by US consumers will be in the powersports industry.  Specifically, the action watersports product: Electric Jetboards.

Who is the leader in Electric Jetboards?

This is a question that we asked ourselves in back in April of 2020.  Many companies are making a run at Electric Jetboard production.  Some are marketing them as electric surfboards or motorized jetboards, etc.  In our opinion here at Big Lake Electric Surf Co, we can use desired attributes of a jetboard as disqualifiers to identify who really is doing it the best.

For more information on our standards for quality and competitive benchmark, check out our recent post Who is the leader in Electric Jetboards?

Board Type.  In our brand research, there were three different categories of boards: Electric Surfboards, Electric Stand-Up Paddleboards, and hydrofoil surfboards.  The hydrofoil surfboards are neat.  The illusion of floating above the water is truly unique.  But the foils are so long they can’t be operated in shallow water.  The jetpack/impeller unit aren’t capable of high performance.  The learning curve for this style of board is steep.  Second are the stand-up paddleboards.  They are bulky.  They sacrifice too much maneuverability for stability.  Some are very heavy.  That leaves Electric Surfboards.  This board type is regarded as the highest performance option in this space.  They ride directly on the waters’ surface with an intake grate and impeller similar to a jetski.  The downside of riding on the waters surface is difficulty riding in choppy water.  Manufacturers of this board type solve this problem with onboard foot-straps similar to wakeboard bindings.  Futhermore, we think the Electric Surfboard board-type is superior.

Construction.  This is important.  We found two different options for board construction: inflatable and solid.  An inflatable electric surfboard makes it easy to travel with and store. Also, when it comes to weight, these are lighter than the solid construction type.  The solid construction surfboards are expensive over the inflatable electric surfboards.  However, the inflatable boards are not capable of high performance.  The PVC or Hypalon body looks aged rather quickly.  They give the consumer a feeling that the product is disposable.  Solid construction tunes performance and maneuverability similar to a wakeboard or surfboards.  Curvature and sleek design inspire confidence in the jetboard’s quality.  The heavier weight issue is mitigated with the use of lighter build materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber.  So… solid construction is it.

Battery.  We looked at both the battery life and design for this section.  There are cheaper options of Electric Jetboards with batteries that last around 10-15 minutes.  In addition, these brands don’t typically have removable, replaceable battery packs.  When you start shopping the more expensive jetboard brands, the battery life jumps to 20-70 minutes.  The battery packs are compact, the size and weight are optimized, and many of them can be removed.  When you shop brands with this style battery, you’ll see that prices go up dramatically.  The price starts to look like that of a new jetski or even more.

So what brands meet our qualifications?  There are only a few brands that make the Electric Surfboard board-type, with a solid construction, and a quality battery.  The two brands that stick out are Awake Board and RadinnMany articles titled “The Best Jetboards 2020” will list both brands.  How to choose?  Ultimately

Big Lake Electric Surf Co maintains the exclusive rights to market and sell products from a Swedish brand called Radinn to customers in the midwestern states of Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.  Radinn is an industry leader in a unique and reliable Electric Jetboard product predicted to spearhead a new wave of action watersports products.  

It is Radinn and Big Lakes Surf Co’s shared mission is to make jetboarding available to anyone who hungers for action watersports – and to keep striving for faster, more radical, and safer ways to catch that thrilling ‘Radinn wave’.


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