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Who we are

Big Lake Electric Surf Company

Big Lake Electric Surf Co seeks to be a driving force in the Great Lakes Region, aiding in the introduction and transition to the future of electric power sports.

We are proud to own the exclusive rights to distribute Electric Jetboards from Radinn in the Great Lakes Region. Radinn is an industry leader in a unique market of reliable, electric jetboards predicted to spearhead a new wave of action watersports products. 

This marks the first time Radinn’s products are available in the Region.  In our opinion, Radinn provides the most exciting and reliable electric jetboards on the market today… and we’ve tried SEVERAL different brands.  With market leading battery technology and mind-blowing water jets at an affordable price, Radinn is on a mission to make jetboarding available to anyone who hungers for action watersports.  By partnering with Big Lake Surf Co, Radinn will continue striving for faster, more radical, and safer ways to catch the next wave in the Midwest.  


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company history

Discovering the next wave in action watersports

In spring, John had heard of a new sport emerging in the US, electric jetboarding.  The click-bait Instagram ads and YouTube videos were kick ass.  Time to look into it for ourselves.

After a few exhilarating lessons and rental experiences, none of the boards stood out as one that was worth the investment.  The battery and propulsion tech were incredible, but no-one seemed to have a fast, agile, flexible, and well balanced option.  

This all changed once we found Radinn electric jetboards.  These were the real deal.  The next wave in action watersports.  

Honored to introduce the Radinn electric jetboards to the Midwest, the next step was local content.  The videos from the Scandinavian Peninsula were beautiful, but unattainable and unrealistic for people surfing locally.  That’s when John said “grab your wetsuit”.  We reaffirmed our wives that the life insurance policies were up to date, then we hit the water.  Lake Higgins had just received 7” of snow and the water was 35 degrees.  With the right gear and the right attitude it was the perfect day to catch a wave.  

That day we made the video linked to the left.  Radinn electric jetboards were finally hitting the water in the Great Lakes region.  Our video and the Radinn boards were given a warm welcome on all social platforms.  Support has started to pour in for the new sport.  

Electric Jetboards are the next big thing.  In two short years you will see the pivot away from today’s personal watercrafts.  And what’s not to love?  Radinn offers the freedom of surfing, the agility of wakeboarding, the speed of a boat, and the portability of a kayak.  All at the price of a jetski.  

Big Lake Electric Surf Co was washed ashore on a mission to find the next wave.  Our team and our products are high quality, innovative, and forward thinking.  Everyday we strive to reimaging the perfect lake day in the Great Lakes region.

Sustainability Message

Acting sustainably

Big Lake Surf Co strives to act and think sustainably, from operations to our product offering. We aim to create environmentally sustainable processes in order to offer environmentally sustainable fun.

Below lists a few principles that guide our crew and constitute our Environmental Policy

  • Distribute innovative products that are durable and long-lasting, extending product life and reducing overall consumption.
  • Search for new processes and products that can make a meaningful impact to reduce pollution in our Great Lakes.
  • Strive to use less and waste less in all areas of operations.
  • Respect the people and the land in which our products are produced.
  • Give back to the local community and environment.
  • Demonstrate honest and ethical behavior in all that we do.


We see our pathway to sustainability as a journey.  Our customers and crew are constantly raising their expectation level.  It’s our responsibility to meet and exceed their expectations.

great lakes business network

Clean Energy

We are lending a helping hand in partnership with the Great Lakes Business Network to push for a clean energy on and around our lakes.

A transition toward a clean energy economy locally is underway.  Supportive projects and policies, coupled with economic incentives aid in the transition.  The Great Lakes Business Network is a collection of local business owners all with a vested interest in protecting our region’s natural resources.  

The Great Lakes Business Network will work to help advance a clean energy economy in the Great Lakes region that avoids major disruptions to energy use, is equitable and fair to all users, and has long-term benefits to the local communities.


Consumers in the powersports and action water sports industries will soon transition to electric products as well.  Big Lake Electric Surf Co will aims to accelerate the adoption of clean energy technology on the Great Lakes and to have fun doing it.  We’ll show everyone that a green future is also more enjoyable.  You can view our full member profile at the link below.